The Programme

The junior academy will take the children on a journey from junior golfer to high achieving amateur golfer and potentially professional golfer if they show the hard work and focus required. The program will be appropriate to each and every child and although golf skills are acquired, other areas such as physical literacy and friendships with other golfers will be looked at. Junior golfers will learn all aspects of the golf game from hitting the ball through to rules and etiquette. ALL juniors will get the opportunity to play in regular competitions with other golfers.

The juniors will begin their journey with the Golf Foundation passport and upon completion will be eligible to join the Cookridge Hall Golf Development Centre. It is at this stage where we would potentially look to integrate junior golfers into our award winning junior section at Cookridge Hall Golf Club. The junior programme will continue to refine golf skills, however the programme becomes more skills based, and more taking ownership of their own game. It's at this point that the award winning Pre Shot Golf coaches, led by Jon Finn (Head of sports psychology at the PGA) will begin to have an active role.

The Player Performance Programme is created to develop the adolescent into a competitive golfer. All aspects of tournament golf will be covered including in depth psychology, fitness, effective practice, decision making, statistics, media and publicity training and advanced shot making skills.

The Golf for Life Programme is aimed at those adolescents who perhaps have been on the golf passport or in fact are total beginners and who want to take the game seriously but have no real aspirations of being a tournament golfer. The golfers take the sessions at their own pace and the environment is as much social as it is golf practice. This could be delivered in small groups or individual sessions and follow a curriculum.

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