Cookridge Hall Golf Academy Junior Development Programme

This is the next stage of a young golfer’s development here at Cookridge. The children are eligible for this after completing the Junior Golf Passport. The programme will continue to refine golf skills, however the programme becomes more skills based, and more taking ownership of their own game. Each golfer is given one of 4 bespoke junior development portfolios to work through. Golfers work through there way through a curriculum based upon their INDIVIDUAL needs. 


Each golfer will begin to have a more bespoke development and curriculum. The curriculum looks to develop a golfers psychological, social, biological, technical and technical skills. We believe that teaching the traditional "technical" golf skills play a small part in a much bigger picture. For many young golfers on this programme, they will be faced with the “Take Off” point in their growth spurt and this is something that the programme will look to address. We appreciate that not all 12 year olds are the same and so each and every child’s development will be different.The programme also offers practical advice to parents of junior golfers and help to navigate the inevitable speed bumps that occur along the journey. 


 2017 was our inaugural running of the junior development programme, and what a year it was! We had 20 juniors on the programme aged from eleven years to seventeen. We got together at least once a month to train our golf skills, physical skills, psychological skills and also our social skills.  We had “away days” playing other courses, competed against other teams, went ten pin bowling and we also managed a trip to THE OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS! Several of the juniors have been promoted to receive Leeds, Yorkshire and also England regional coaching. EVERY SINGLE PLAYER has seen their efforts rewarded with SIGNIFICANT handicap reductions. 


We are excited for what the 2018 season holds and we are pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for juniors to join our programme that will run from March 2018 to March 2019. Entry requirements are not based on handicaps. All we ask is that a junior has completed the LEARN section (or equivalent) of the Junior Golf Passport scheme. We are looking for junior golfers who have a willingness to learn and an attitude to helping others as well as themselves. 

 To register your childs interest, please email today or call 0113 2300 641 Ext 2.